Big-dollar budgets are virtually impossible for teachers to acquire. Often, educators find themselves searching Pinterest for the next crafty idea to recycle and repurpose classroom materials. According to a survey from the federal Department of Education, 94% of public-school teachers in the United States reported paying for supplies without reimbursement. The average teachers spends $479 a year on classroom supplies according to the survey.

So, if teachers are struggling to bring basic resources to the classroom, how are they going to afford internet safety programs for their students?

The internet is a powerful tool that if used properly, can be very beneficial. Nevertheless, children can find themselves in sticky situations online that can result in cyberbullying, data breaches, identity theft, and fraud to name a few. That’s why cyber safety education needs to be at the forefront of today’s school curriculums.

As a nonprofit, the Center understands the difficulty to find room in the budget for any type of program, including digital citizenship education. Nevertheless, educators continue to find themselves needing to intervene in cases of cyberbullying and social media drama every week, if not every day among their students.

To put things into perspective, according to the Children’s Internet Usage Study:

  • 29% use the internet in ways their parents wouldn’t approve.
  • 53% access the internet for reasons other than homework seven days a week.
  • 37% feel tired at school for being up late online, not doing homework.

At the Center, we want to help passionate educators with the heavy lifting of teaching cyber safety to students. Through our NEW “Garfield the Matchmaker” program, we want to match schools’ needs with the generosity of socially committed companies. What does this mean? FREE award-winning Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures for elementary schools when matched.

This is a unique opportunity for companies committed to make a social change in our society and willing to invest in the future of our children. Being part of “Garfield the Matchmaker” shows the world that you care for your community.

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