Social Media

Social media is not inherently bad and in fact can be a great way for your children to explore the world, express individuality and connect with friends- as long as they do so safely.

  • Respect and follow age requirement rules- they are in place for a reason.
  • Make parental approval of social groups or networks part of your house rules.
  • Talk about what is an acceptable and respectable post.
  • “Friend” or “follow” your kids so you can check in on their social media activity. You don’t have to participate, just take a look as often as possible.
  • Data provided to a social network is stored and, most of the time, it is shared by default. Ensure your child’s profile is set to private. Go into settings and help them adjust the default controls.
  • Remember that even though your child’s profile may be set to private, that will not prevent them from seeing what others post and share.
  • Check for safety, blocking, and reporting resources on each site being used.

Children must be taught and reminded to stop and think before they post comments or pictures and to never share personal information like age, school, address, full name or when parents are not home.

You may recognize these social media icons, but how much do you know about them? Check them out below! These are only a few and your children may be using others. Look into the sites they’re using or want to join and learn about them together.



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