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First, let me start by saying thank you for such a well-planned curriculum. I delivered the lessons to students of the 4th and 5th grade. They absolutely loved the videos, the comics, the discussion, the trading cards, and well… everything about the program. They learned so much and we have had many post lesson discussions as a group and on an individual basis. The information was presented in a way that both adults and students could enjoy and learn.

Tobias Allanson

Teacher, Legacy Christian Academy

I wish to commend you on the Cybersafety Program. The students were engaged and asked many questions. They all had stories of situations they’ve encountered and how this program has provided them with answers on how to handle themselves in the future. They also really liked the camera stickers. What an excellent program for children to learn how to be careful and watchful on the internet.

Dr. Lee Binder

Principal, Gordon School

This experience has exceeded my expectations in every way.


Cornerstone Charter Academy

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