2017 Study Results

The findings from this massive study will be released throughout 2017 in a series of dedicated reports.

The Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS), is conducted every two years by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Center) and (ISC)². The latest worldwide study was conducted from June 22 through September 11, 2016. This online survey gauged the opinions of 19,641 information security professionals from 170 countries regarding trends and issues affecting their profession and careers. It was designed to capture expansive viewpoints and produce statistically significant findings. The Center has conducted similar surveys since 2004 and has made results available to private, governmental and non-profit organizations as a means for these organization to plan, assess and implement workforce policies. Studies were conducted by Frost and Sullivan.

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Women in Cybersecurity

Presented by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Delaware/USA. Sponsored by Alta Associates, Veracode, IBM, and (ISC)²

Co-authored with the Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy, Inc., this report will take a new and unique look into the vital role women play in cybersecurity today and in the future. As the need for security professionals grows, women continue to be an under-tapped resource.


Millennials in Security

Presented by (ISC)² and Booz Allen Hamilton.

This online, interactive infographic takes a look into the future information security workforce. What makes them tick? How do I get and retain these vital employees?


US Government Security Workforce

Available May 9 – Presented by (ISC)²

Government security has always been in the forefront of the news but probably now more than ever has the general public paid attention. Take a look at the people that work behind the scenes with our national secrets and security.

Global / Regional Reports

Available June/July 2017 – Presented by (ISC)² and Booz Allen Hamilton.

This series of reports will focus on the global workforce was a whole but will also take a closer look at data through a regional lenses.

Diversity Report

Available October 2017 – Presented by (ISC)²

For the first time ever we will look at the growing role that minorities play in cyber security workforce. What makes this group such a valued asset and how do we grow this portion of the workforce?

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