Can you believe we are already in April? A month that brings (happy/fun) days like Easter, Earth Day, and ‘Take Your Kids to Work Day’ to name a few. But in April we also celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month. A time to thank our army of volunteers, highlight their impact and encourage others to join the gang!

As a nonprofit, made up of a small (yet strong) team of 5, the Center wouldn’t be where it is today without the help, support and dedication of our volunteers.

Just in the last year:

  • 52,146 volunteer hours were spent teaching cyber safety education
  • 23K teenagers, 18K parents and 10K seniors received FREE internet safety training
  • On top of that, over 53K children ages 6-11 received Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures lessons in the past year

So, let’s pause for a moment and applaud the efforts of all the volunteers who have helped us over the year; you ROCK!

But, the need for cyber safety education continues to grow, and with that, the need for MORE volunteers to help make the cyber world a safer place for everyone.

In 2019, the goal is to double the numbers above with your help!

Why volunteer? Volunteering your time and skills is more than just feeling good. Volunteering is life-changing. Don’t think so? Keep reading:

  • Volunteering boosts your social skills by connecting with the community and making friends.
  • Volunteering helps you advance your career by expanding your network, practicing teamwork, communication, management and problem-solving skills.
  • Volunteering improves your emotional state of mind by providing a sense of accomplishment, stress reliever and a chance to do something outside of your day-to-day commitments (HelpGuide).

The resources available through make teaching cyber safety practices easy. With these materials, every professional in this industry should make him/herself available to local schools and seniors.” -Chris Elgee, Counter Hack Challenges

Ready to make the cyber world a safer place for everyone? All you need is a positive attitude and a big smile; we provide the rest.

  • Choose the audience you want to work with: Children, youth, parents or seniors (please keep in mind that for youth, parents and seniors, basic IT or cyber knowledge is preferred).
  • Set up a time and date.
  • Get started!

“It is very rewarding interfacing with seniors and spreading the good word about security. I always am asked to return for another engagement.” – Ralph Wegne

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