Cyber Safety Day Orlando 2019

Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October


To celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October and (ISC)² Security Congress taking place in Orlando, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education is connecting companies with schools in need of digital citizenship education through our Cyber Safety Day event on Wednesday Oct. 30!

Cyber Safety Day Orlando is a one-day event for schools and communities to join forces and ensure elementary children in Orlando receive the tools to become a responsible digital citizen with Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures free of cost (Download Event Flyer).

Last year, 2,308 kids received Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures in New Orleans through our Cyber Safety Day initiative!


  • 90% of kids have web connected devices
  • 400K kids per year are victims to identity theft
  • 50% kids 6-9 years old regularly use social networks
  • 40% kids chatted online with a stranger

Read our full study


  • All elementary schools in the Orlando metro area. Schools MUST register by September 1st, 2019 to be considered for this initiative. Register here
  • Tech driven, community focused companies that are ready to step-up and be recognized as local heroes can register here. 

“This initiative is truly a big deal because we want our young people to know that not only do they matter, but they have protection and support of the cyber safety community”

LaToya Cantrell

Mayor of New Orleans and Cyber Safety Day NOLA Supporter

“Parents need to go home and check the devices their kids are using and ask themselves whether or not their kids have the education to safely use it.”

Rob Theriot

Director of Security Services for TraceSecurity and sponsor of Cyber Safety Day NOLA

“Students loved the activities and materials! Some students’ thoughts were alarming, and I think that this program was very helpful in making them aware of the dangers of the internet.”

Rhonda Balsamo

3rd Grade Teacher Lusher Charter Elementary School


  • Once contributions are finalized, the Center will coordinate with schools in Orlando to deliver FREE Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures Educator’s Kits.
  • One school will be chosen for media coverage where local publications along with community leaders and VIP sponsors will be invited. In addition, one lucky school will receive a surprise visit from Garfield, everyone’s favorite cat! 
  • Teachers will deliver the lesson (about 30 minutes) Wednesday, October 30, as part of Cyber Safety Day Orlando.


  • All-in-One activity kit equipped to teach 30 children the basics of internet safety.
  • Each Educator Kit includes a USB with Privacy cartoon, comic books with activity pages, stickers, trading cards, pledge stickers, pledge poster, Garfield classroom poster, parent letters and a lesson plan (watch video below).
  • Chosen schools will receive free Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures Educator’s Kits lesson on Privacy: Online Friends are Not the Same as Real Friends (number of kits based on student count).
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