Cyber Safety Course Increases Kids’ Knowledge by 28 Percent, Survey Finds

Clearwater, Fla. (June 26, 2018) – After a 30-minute cyber safety course with Garfield, nearly 500 second to sixth grade students improved their cyber safety knowledge by 28 percent, the nonprofit Center for Cyber Safety and Education recently found. The Center, which offers cyber safety education for children, parents and senior citizens, surveyed the students before and after the students participated in three Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures lessons. The lessons consist of cartoons and comic books featuring Garfield and friends tackling the issues of privacy, the dangers of posting online, online etiquette, cyberbullying and more. The surveyed children improved their knowledge in all areas.

The Center’s Children’s Internet Usage Study revealed that 90 percent of kids surveyed in fourth to eighth grades own a mobile device, and 53 percent of those access the internet for things other than schoolwork seven days a week.

To combat these statistics, the Center has partnered with Garfield creator Jim Davis to create cartoons, comic books, posters, trading cards, and stickers to guide children on how to handle the most common cyber safety issues.

Patrick Craven, Center director, commented, “Since we launched the Garfield program just over a year ago, we have received nothing but positive feedback from educators and parents. Now we know for a fact that our lessons have a measurable impact. For just a small investment of time, we can improve a child’s cyber safety consciousness, which they will carry with them throughout their lives. Cyber safety education is not only essential to a child’s well-being; it is critical to creating an overall safer home and school environment and a positive online educational experience for all children.”

Tobias Allansan, teacher at Legacy Christian Academy, remarked, “I have never had a group of students this age be so engaged in an extra-curricular program the way they were in this one. Thanks to the Center for Cyber Safety and Education and Jim Davis for the effort you have made to keep our children safe.”

Dr. Lee Binder, day school principal at The Gordon School of Beth David Congregation in Miami, commented, “The students were engaged and asked many questions. They all had stories of situations they’ve encountered and how this program has provided them with answers on how to handle themselves in the future.”

“This experience has exceeded my expectations in every way,” said Regina Seguin, Valencia College librarian who is leading a community volunteer program for Orlando, Florida elementary schools.

“Bullying is a serious public health concern,” adds Craven. “If just 30 minutes can effect change in our kids, imagine the mountains we could move if we instilled widespread cyber safety education.”

The study was able to be conducted thanks to a grant from the Friendship Fund. 

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