Garfield’s S.A.F.E. Program is for corporate partners who want to be visible and available to students and families. Partners advocate for digital health wellness, connect with students, and get to be at the forefront of cyber safety education.

We offer a variety of programs and corporate partner initiatives that make it fun and simple to give back.


Courtesy of Cornerstone Charter Academy

Adopt a School Sponsorship

Be a local hero and sponsor an elementary school with Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program to keep children safe and secure online. This popular choice expands corporate social responsibility efforts by covering the cost of Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures program for a local elementary school in the community that otherwise wouldn’t receive digital citizenship education.

Make an immediate and bold difference in your community with our cyber safety education giveback program!

Ready to Adopt a School? Email Christina at with the elementary school of your choice. Or if you prefer, the Center can choose a school in need on your behalf.


Take Your Child to Work Day

We make it EASY for your company to host cyber safety events with an All-In-One Activity Kit, thanks to Garfield! Companies, like JP Morgan Chase and Nielsen, that are involved in the community are offering Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures because it educates, informs and raises awareness.  

The Educator Kit provides an hour of fun and education for your employees’ children. You’ll be a rock star sending the kids home with a Garfield comic book, stickers and Cyber Safety Certificate by Garfield!

Is your company ordering quantities of 20 or more? If so, email Christina at


Courtesy of Cornerstone Charter Academy

Volunteer Program

Encourage employee volunteerism! The employees of your company can volunteer their time and knowledge to your ‘Adopt a School’ by working along students and faculty. Your employees will love talking about being safe and secure online with the help of Garfield!

The Center provides cyber safety presentations for volunteers to get into the community! We encourage and work with your organization to arrange for free presentations lead by your employees. See what can become a win-win-win for the employees, the community, and the company.

It’s really that easy. Just email Christina at to get your Garfield S.A.F.E. Employee Volunteer program started today.


Digital Health & Wellness Employee Benefit 

Stand out with a benefit program that WILL make a difference. Being safe and secure online touches every aspect of our lives every day. As an employer, show how seriously you care about the digital well-being of your employees’ children by providing Garfield Digital Family Edition.

Provide your employees’ families with fun cyber safety lessons on privacy, safe posting, stranger danger, cyberbullying, and more for the home computer or tablet. As your company increases the cyber security awareness of your workforce, having those same policies and lessons go home with your employees’ families can go a long way to making it a SAFER CYBER WORLD.

Give the benefit of Garfield for only a couple dollars a year, per employee. Email Christina at for a custom quote.

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