It’s that time of year! Your kids have asked for the coolest new digital toy, and they are sure to get it. But what happens after the wrapping paper settles and they start using it? Few – if any – devices include manuals about the dangers of going online or about the inherent responsibility that comes with device ownership. This year, you can include a precious gift with that tablet that may be obsolete in two years – an instinct for safe surfing. Devices come and go, but cyber safety knowledge and awareness last a lifetime. At the nonprofit Center for Cyber Safety and Education, we want you and your kids to get started on the right foot. 

James McQuiggan, CISSP and Center volunteer, talks to Fox35- Orlando, FL about the dangers and practical ways to handle high tech toys this holiday season. For parents looking to purchase an internet-connected toy or device this season, James provides great insight and advice:

Parents want to know what the toy does and what its connecting to, what private information is given out, during the game experience are they talking with strangers or with only people they know and keep the communication open.

Check out the full clip here:

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