Scholarship Recipients

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education proudly awards scholarships for undergraduates, graduates, and women. Below are some of our distinguished recipients.

Joyce Siew Hoon Ng

Scholarship Recipient Joyce Siew Hoon Ng “A career in Information Security challenges me to solve problems (preventing and detecting cyber threats) and recommend solutions (responding to cyber threats) to security problems. I expect there will not be any dull moments! I expect a career in information security will give me great exposure to business, technology and the risk management to not only sharpen knowledge gained in the field.    I am especially interested in the defensive aspects of cyber warfare on software systems, with a special focus on insider threats.  Hopefully through my research, it will make an impact in reducing vulnerabilities in software systems, defending against cyber-attacks and securing confidential data.    Taking the MSc in Security Applications enables me to be exposed to various security technologies and its applications, and to really specialize in this field. It will give me great exposure to business, technology, the risk management in information security.    Being awarded this scholarship enable me to pursue my career in this field without which I will not be able afford to take this course. With this MSc, I will be able to handle security issues effectively in my career.”  – Joyce

Warren Johnson

scholarships warren johnsonThe (ISC)² Foundation Scholarship Committee selected Mr. Johnson as the first ever recipient of the Harold F. Tipton Memorial Scholarship. “To get a scholarship in Hal Tipton’s name is beyond humbling. It’s awesome and chilling. He and (ISC)² set the standard. I followed the policies he’d written when I was in the military. I am passionate about security of the network, but Hal’s work led me to realize how critical it is to demonstrate myself as a professional.   I chose information security as part of my IT major since I previously spent over twenty years of my military career in IT and I was always interested in protecting the integrity of information on the network. I have earned numerous awards and medals for my work in military communications including the Meritorious Service Medal, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, six Air Force Commendation Medals, and five Air Force Achievement Medals.   Once I finish school I want to pursue my Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification to capitalize on my past experiences in information security and I have also seriously considered working towards a Master’s degree focused on information assurance.In the meantime I am really looking forward to finishing my degree and getting into the civilian IT workforce full time to engage on the daily challenges information assurance professionals face.”    – Warren

Fellystas Obiero

fellystas photo homepageOn the surface I think I am like most young, energetic and modern Kenyan women. I have dreams and goals for the future that I am determined to make happen and I do not expect anyone to do the hard work for me. I come from an average background, but life has not been any fun. Since the 2008 post election violence in Kenya, my family and I were tremendously affected. My interest in Information Security started when I enrolled for my undergraduate studies in Kenyatta University. I got inspired by the fact that in Kenya very few people are educated in information security. I want to be among the few who can stand firm against hacking and computer crimes since network security and cryptography are my main passion. My grades have always been high; I am especially proud of this because when I was doing my undergraduate course, in my class, we were only three female students out of thirty five (35). I am proud to say I was one of the few who made it to the end. I have learnt through experience that quitting never feels as good as conquering your own fears, which is why I am pursuing a MSc. Information Technology (Security and Audit). I want to focus on a career in Security and Audit because in Kenya even the government does not have anybody trained well in Information Security. I know that I am young and the career path I find myself now may be very different from why am taking this course, but the knowledge I gain will be expanded to others who are planning to undertake the same course in future. It had been my dream to be able to finance my education till the end but that was not possible. That’s why I applied for an scholarship from (ISC)² Foundation. I have made it a habit of checking my emails three times a day. On the 22nd of December 2011, I did the same. To my surprise I got an email that is changing my life for the better, congratulating me on the award of a scholarship. I could not believe my eyes, so I had to close and reopen the email again and again to be sure that it was actually in my email inbox! Through this financial support; I have been able to study without much financial strain. My heart is filled with joy because I was given a chance to concentrate on studying what I love. Through my scholarship from the (ISC)² Foundation, I have been able to continue my dream of an education. It is my belief that today someone does for me, and tomorrow I will do for someone else. I want to thank the members of (ISC)² for the scholarship given through the Foundation, I am truly grateful for your generosity and kindness. I cannot explain how wonderful it is to know that there are still people in this world that care about the well-being of others. I sincerely appreciate the investment that you have made in my future.” – Fellystas

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