(ISC)² Chapter Scholarship Program

Tomorrow’s Security Depends on You Today!

As a member of (ISC)², you are no doubt familiar with the impending shortfall of cybersecurity professionals; a shortfall that may very well affect hundreds of companies as well as many nations.

As individuals, we are not able to solve this problem. But as a group, we can do our part to make a dent in it by supporting today’s aspiring cybersecurity professionals gain the invaluable education they will need by helping them to pay tuition and fees that are ever increasing.


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How can you help?

By supporting your local chapter’s involvement in the Center for Cyber Safety and Education’s Chapter Scholarship Program. The program is for (ISC)² Chapters to raise funds to award local high school students who are interested in pursuing studies in cybersecurity in college. Individual chapters are “challenged” to raise at least $1,500, of which $750 will be applied to the Center for Cyber Safety and Education Scholarship Program. The remaining funds will be made available for the Chapter to offer their own scholarship(s) to secondary or high school, undergraduate or graduate students in their local community. The minimum scholarship amount awarded to an individual student is US$250.

The Challenge fundraising period runs from January 1st until Sept 3oth, and the scholarship application period is from October 1 – November 31. Awards are presented to winning recipients in December.

The funds you raise will help high school students on their path to becoming cybersecurity professionals. Through your fundraising efforts you will also help your community understand the importance of a safer cyber world and of assisting the next generation of cyber professionals.

2018 (ISC)² Chapter Scholarship Program

Congratulations to the (ISC)² Richmond-Metro Chapter on raising $5,750 for their 2018 (ISC)² Chapter Scholarship Program!

Since 2016 The Richmond-Metro Chapter has raised over $10,500 for scholarships in their area!



Thank you to Northrop Grumman and Lumos Networks for your generous donation to the (ISC)² Richmond Metro Area Chapter for the Chapter Scholarship Challenge!



Lumos Networks

Encourage other (ISC)2 Chapters to participate in the “Challenge!”
Find your chapter at: www.isc2.org/ch-directory


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