Garfield Goes Digital with Cyber Safety for Digital Learning Day

Clearwater, Fla. (February 22, 2018) – The Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Center) and Garfield are celebrating Digital Learning Day on February 22 with a new digital subscription service to Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures, giving children worldwide access to cyber safety lessons from any digital device. Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures are provided by the Center and legendary cartoonist Jim Davis.

Available to individuals, schools, civic groups and companies as an employee benefit, Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures tackle top cyber safety issues such as privacy, safe posting, and how to avoid cyberbullying. Each packet includes a Garfield activity book, poster, web camera privacy sticker, and Garfield and friends trading card. Digital Garfield subscribers receive one year of unlimited access to all Garfield cartoon cyber safety lessons, automatically receiving new lessons for free as they become available.

Digital Learning Day promotes the effective use of modern day tools to improve the learning experience in K-12 public schools. Digital Garfield allows children to take “Garfield on the Go” for independent, self-study beyond the classroom.

Patrick Craven, Center director, commented, “Digital Learning Day celebrates the valuable role technology can play in learning, making it the perfect time to take Garfield digital. Influence Central’s Digital Trends Study found that the average age at which kids get their first smart phone is now 10.3 years, and 64% of kids have access to the Internet via their own laptop or tablet. Our own research shows that children spend, on average, over four hours per weekend day online (other than for schoolwork), with almost four in ten (38%) spending five hours or more per day. Digital Garfield brings essential cyber safety lessons to kids where and how they’re interacting.”

For the classroom, teachers can order a Digital or Digital Plus Garfield Educator’s Kit, which contains 30 sets of everything they need to teach an internet safety lesson to a group of students: unlimited digital access to lesson plans, presentations, cyber safety e-alerts, as well as cartoon handouts, classroom wall posters, activity comic books, trading cards, bookmarks, a letter to parents, “I Am Cyber Safe” wearable stickers, and much more.

Garfield creator Jim Davis added, “There are fewer newspapers these days, and everything once paper is going digital. Any new territory is always open to the ill intentions of a lot of people seeking to take advantage of people’s lack of education and knowledge of the new medium. That’s why we need to make sure that our fans, our readers, have a safe and enjoyable experience.”

Craven added, “We hope Digital Garfield empowers students and teachers alike. We can’t prevent kids from going online. If we instill in them instincts to make good decisions once they’re there, they can enjoy the positive aspects of technology and the Internet safely.”

About Center for Cyber Safety and Education

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Center), is a non-profit charitable trust committed to making the cyber world a safer place for everyone. The Center works to ensure that people across the globe have a positive and safe experience online through their educational programs, scholarships, and research. For more information, you can visit or email us at You can also follow us on Facebook @IAmCyberSafe and on Twitter @ISC2Cares.


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