and the Center for Cyber Safety and Education are honored to announce a new partnership to foster a more cyber-aware generation by bringing cyber safety education and awareness to’s 2.5 million unique monthly visitors!

Every month, Center director Patrick Craven will provide an article to appear on, the first in a group of webpages run by FEN Learning. The first post, IoT: Your Toys Are Listening, teaches readers about the Internet of Things, Alexa, and how hackers can get into your home.

The Center will offer expert advice on how to keep kids safe online and tackle tricky cyber safety topics impacting children, such as the “Risks and Rewards of Virtual Reality” and “Teens and Dating Apps”.

Laurie Mega, content director for, commented, “We’re excited to enhance our site with cyber safety content, which has become as essential to parenting as teaching children to cross the street safely. Now, our readers can get expert advice on timely topics from the foremost authority on children’s cyber safety education.”

“Our mission is to empower kids with instincts that will help them make wise choices online, regardless of where they are or what they encounter,” added Center director Patrick Craven. “It is an honor to collaborate with FEN Learning to bring parents the tools they need to protect their children in this digital age.”.

Check out the first article, Your Toys are ListeningDid you ever think about how your voice-activated toys know how to answer your voice command? It’s because they are listening! Find out how modern toys and devices come with certain risks, and get tips to safeguard your privacy.

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