International Women’s Day 2019

Women in Cybersecurity – You Inspire Us!

#BalanceforBetter is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, March 8th. While this day is celebrated internationally, the hopes of this campaign is to work towards a gender-balanced world all year-long. 

For us, it is an opportunity to highlight women in cybersecurity who are making a difference in teaching future generations how to be safe and secure online.

As in many other fields, the percentage of women working in cybersecurity is extremely low, 11% to be exact. Therefore, at the Center, we believe is important to showcase those who are going the extra mile to break barriers in the industry and give back to their community at the same time.

See two prominent women in the field, Dana Winner, Karen Gispanski, Elaine Morley, talk about cyber safety in their communities below!


Elaine Morley – Manager of Technical and Leadership Development at Nielsen, Linkedin Profile

Karen Gispanski – VP, Global Cyber Security Operations at Nielsen, CISSP, Linkedin Profile

What inspired you to educate the community in cyber safety? 

“Young children are especially vulnerable on the internet.  We are all aware of real-life scenarios of children being taken advantage of, befriended by strangers with ill intent and being victims of cyberbullying. As a good corporate citizen, it is important to help the children in our communities be cyber safe.  I want that for my children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren and I know you do too!”    

How did the Garfield Adopt a School Program enrich your employees’ volunteering experience?

“All Nielsen employees get 24 hours per year to volunteer. This is a great program to use some of those hours!  Students are so excited and engaged in the presentation that it makes it fun to go into the classroom with the Garfield kits.  Using your kits, which are proven to be impactful, allows our associates to focus on the students and on the conversation, not on preparing impactful materials.  We are proud to help the students be more cyber safe! All of our associates who were involved have loved the experience.  These kits are a complete and easy to use that it does not require advance cyber security knowledge to present which allows us to engage a wider range of associates in this great program.”

How was the implementation process of the Garfield “Adopt a School” program in the community?

“The whole process was very energizing.  The feedback from the principal, teachers and students was great and they invited us back anytime we want to present these kits to their students.  We are scheduled to go back to present a different training “The Be Kind Online” cyberbullying kit to the fifth-grade students.  The timing for this kit is perfect for the students that will be moving into middle school next year, where cyberbullying can become a bigger issue.”

What is your 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility goal? 

“Our goal in 2019 is to continue to impact the global communities where Nielsen offices exist.  We will continue to educate students on how to be cyber safe using the Garfield kits.  We are piloting the Be Kind Online kit, expanding both kits to other cities, including internationally by the end of the year.”

Dana Winner- MSc Cybersecurity Policy, CISSP, Linkedin Profile

How did the Garfield Cyber Safety Adventures program enrich your employees’ volunteering experience? 

“For me the Garfield products made it possible to engage students. While I am a fascinating speaker, there is absolutely no doubt that they LOVE Garfield. I have been to 20+ schools. Many schools find it more effective to invite me to do an assembly which they can then follow-up in the classroom. I have been invited to a “Welcome to Kuwait” meeting at the beginning of the school year as well as the Kuwait School Counselors Network to brief new teachers on how to use the Garfield products. I have worked with a Kuwait Partner to run a competition amongst schools re translation of the Garfield Lesson 1 from English to Arabic. The results were great!”



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