Center for Cyber Safety and Education Staff


Beatriz Parres

Beatriz Parres is the Center’s Community Engagement Coordinator. She is responsible for outreach efforts to the community and supporters through various communications platforms including social media, email, and other creative efforts. She also assists in the branding and designing of new materials for the Center’s educational programs. Beatriz’s goal is to encourage everyone to get involved in today’s conversation about cyber safety. To do so, follow the Center’s latest efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Carole Boniface

Carole Boniface runs the (ISC)² Scholarship Program which consists of Women’s, Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships. Carole is also responsible for recording the minutes for the Center’s Board of Trustee meetings and ensuring records are updated for renewal of the Center’s state fundraising registrations each year. Carole changes lives by helping to bring in the next generation of cyber security professionals.

Christina Johnson

Christina is the Program Development Specialist for the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. She is responsible for the development of school and corporate programs, sponsorships and partnerships for Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures educational programs. Christina inspires others to reach younger children through the Garfield program and community outreach.

Ciera Lovitt-Gaughf

Ciera is the Educational Program Specialist for the Center for Cyber Safety and Education. She currently oversees the creation, development and implementation of all the Center’s educational programs for Parents, Seniors and Children.  She helps create and write the Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures and is passionate about helping the community stay safe online.

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